Flood Relief 2012, Chillaw

Article author Prabu Volunteer

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First of all, I would like to Thank everyone who collected water bottles, donated, shared on FB/Twitter & emailed friends to  assist with STITCH flood relief efforts. We were able to distribute 1550 bottles of 5litre (7750litres) drinking water bottles in Chillaw, Arachchikatuwa & Pallama DS divisions, with the help of DMC & DS offices in the respective areas.
We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, so Thank you! Please see the following FB link for some pictures taken by volunteers who assisted with the dispatch. Click here
The weather was quite bad, roads were difficult in some areas, so there were a lot of delays and some unavoidable circumstances like the newly built roads sinking etc. But it was a productive time. We managed to visit some of the interior areas affected by the floods, now we must try and help them rebuild. The DMC was good enough to provide us a place to sleep, and our sleeping bags came in handy. The DS office & the DMC coordinated our local transportation arrangements, which was really helpful. Please speak Chanaka or myself if you need more information with regards to this dispatch.
Special shoutout to VIDULLANKA PLC for the 828 bottles they donated & Lalanka Water Management & Staff for the discounted price & support in loading the bottles. Trust me, each bottle weighed 5kgs, it was hectic .
Next steps:
  • Distaster Management Center (DMC), Polonnaruwa has requested for assistance to help 1114 families affected by the floods in the Polonnaruwa district. We are collecting as much as dry rations as we can to help them. So if you are interested in helping, please get in touch with us!
  • DMC/Ministry of Health (MOH) Puttalam has requested for 30 volunteers to help at Puttalam base hospital, to assist them to handle the high volumes of patients affected by the floods & related treatment. We have promised 20 volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please call Chanaka or myself for more information.
We are not in a position to help or accommodate all the requests coming our way, we understand our limitations as a volunteer movement. But we are not turning away any request, when we cant, we are directing them to someone who can help. Thats the best we can do for now. Our volunteers have been amazing in mobilizing resources for this cause, they have also been really flexible in adjusting to difficult conditions during dispatches, like distributing in the pouring rain, sleeping in tough conditions, traveling by buses, walking, not having meals etc. This is what makes them extraordinary people, because what matters is the people we serve, not how comfortably we serve them.
So thank you everyone! We appreciate you!
We wish you a super 2013, and look forward to working with you, as we do everything in our capacity to help people in need!