History and purpose

The world we live in today could hardly be called peaceful. In fact it is one that is constantly in turmoil due to various factors. Violence, corruption, abuse, pollution of every kind is taking place even as you read this. The innocent victims who suffer the consequences are crying desperately for help: but they are not just crying out to the states and organizations; they are crying out to you and me as well.

A group of individuals willingly decided to share their time and love one Christmas with a forgotten sect of the people. This act of love motivated them to help those in need not just at Christmas but all year round. They came to the ultimate realization that it is our responsibility to try and change the world around us- our neighbourhoods, communities and finally, nation.

The purpose of STITCH is simple: to inspire, empower and motivate others to take a step, speak on behalf of the voiceless, act and transform the society around them. The government and organizations cannot do it alone. They need our help. The concept of change and social transformation may seem idealistic and maybe even far-fetched to some:  but we believe it is possible, step by tiny step.

Our vision is social change through youth activism and volunteerism to enhance the lives of the people of Sri Lanka. We cannot think of a better way to begin than with the youth of this nation: young people who have the strength, capability, passion and skill to inspire many around them- that unique individual, is YOU!

Our Mission

Educate, advocate, empower & network for social change through youth volunteerism and activism in Sri Lanka. STITCH focuses on promoting volunteerism and activism among youth by empowering them to advocate and act on social issues. By using creative means to raise funds for causes across the country, we aim to address issues such as corruption, human rights and pollution. STITCH acts as the link between resources, information, research, volunteers and the community in need. We strive to inspire, sensitize, empower & mobilize youth to be agents of social transformation in their respective communities through activism and volunteerism in Sri Lanka.

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